At about the turn of the millennium, Dave M. (drums) and Frank (rhythm guitar and vocals) frequently met at local Sherborn cocktail parties where they would reminisce fondly about their wilder days as high school and college rock and rollers. They decided that it would be fun to get together at some point and play a few tunes. About two years later, Dave M. bought a drum set and they actually played a few tunes up in Dave M.'s rec room. They focused mostly on loud, blues and rock tunes (if you could call them "tunes" at that point).

Then Dave R. was also invited over to play a bit. Initially focusing on guitar (which he still frequently and expertly plays), Dave R. switched to the bass guitar as we didn't have one of those.

Kent F. also stopped by to check out the scene and quickly focused on vocals.

Then, with incredible luck, Laurie (lead vocals, trumpet, guitar) and Stacey (keyboard and vocals) decided - against their better judgment - to join up. With them, they brought a previously unknown level of professionalism, musicianship, and fashion sense.

In the Fall of 2006, Kent decided to leave the band and was replaced by Joe, a phenomenal lead guitar player and also a great vocalist.

The Band, now fully formed, plays frequently at the Sherborn Inn, www.sherborninn.com, and at private parties and fundraising events.